Solar power and solar heat.

The SunOyster achieves high efficiency from a small area.

The SunOyster is a concentrating solar technology for the co-generation of power and heat.


Because it produces high grade heat, the SunOyster can supply a broad variety of heat applications: from warm water, room heating, desalination, process heat, ORC machines, high-temperature storage and preheating of steam power plants. In particular, the SunOyster can be used for solar cooling.


SunOyster 16 heat receives Solar Keymark certification.

SunOyster PVmover

Pv tracker with maximum power generation due to bi-axial tracking all day.
3.6 kW up to 4.8 kWp x factor 1.3 for approx. 30% more electricity yield than optimally fixed modules.

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