The SunOyster achieves high efficiency from a small area.

The SunOyster is a new concentrating solar technology for the co-generation of power and heat achieving efficiencies higher than anything else in the market - up to 75% of the solar radiation: thereby it covers the complete energy demand of buildings with power, heat and cold. In sunny regions the SunOyster shall produce the cheapest solar energy wherever heat or cold are needed.

The heart of the SunOyster is a hybrid receiver which is protected by a borosilicate glass tube filled with nitrogen. Inside the tube, special glass lenses concentrate the light a second time to reach 500 times the power of the sun. Highly efficient (44%) solar cells developed for spacecraft convert this directly into electricity. The cells are liquid cooled but remain operational at temperatures up to 170°C.

The proprietary control system of the SunOyster tracks the sun automatically all day from East to West. It allows online monitoring of the SunOyster, so that the customer can admire the energy generation via their mobile phone.

Because it produces high grade heat (up to 170°C), the SunOyster can supply a broad variety of heat applications - warm water, room heating, desalination, process heat, ORC machines, high-temperature storage and preheating of steam power plants. In particular, the SunOyster can be used for solar cooling. With this ”Tri-generation“ from electricity over heat to cold the SunOyster can provide the complete energy demand – and this at lower costs than the electricity grid or fossil energies.

In case of danger like storm or hail the SunOyster mirrors close into a secure flat position. This allows to build the system light and cheap and it can be easy installed - hence the name.



News 04/2019

Funded by the Federal Government and Land Schleswig-Holstein: "SunOyster 8"

Kiel, 4. april 2019

SunOyster System received substantial grant for the development of SunOyster 8.

"Potential Milestone for the Energy Revolution"...

News 12/2018

SunOyster Systems receives "Future Star Award"

Beijing, 3. dec. 2018

SunOyster was honored for its air cleaning potential by the International Bluetech Clean Air Alliance


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