Co-generation of power and heat. The SunOyster achieves high efficiency from a small area.

The SunOyster is a concentrating solar technology for the co-generation of power and heat. The heat can be economically converted into cold with thermal chillers.

The heart of the SunOyster is a hybrid receiver which is protected by a borosilicate glass tube. Inside the tube, special glass lenses concentrate the light a second time to reach 500 times the power of the sun. Highly efficient (44%) solar cells developed for spacecraft convert this directly into electricity. The liquid can reach temperatures of up to 110°C. In the version of the purely thermal receiver, higher temperatures of up to 170°C can be reached, e.g. for process heat.

Because it produces high grade heat, the SunOyster can supply a broad variety of heat applications: from warm water, room heating, desalination, process heat, ORC machines, high-temperature storage and preheating of steam power plants. In particular, the SunOyster can be used for solar cooling.


The SunOyster tracks the sun automatically all day from East to West. It also enables permanent online monitoring, so that energy production and savings can be monitored via SunOyster app.

In case of strong wind, the SunOyster automatically closes into the safe “oystering" position.
Therefore, it can also be installed in the best place for solar energy: On the roofs. If installed on the ground in an unshaded environment, it can be easily mounted on steel anchors or concrete steps.


In sunny regions the SunOyster shall produce the cheapest solar energy wherever heat or cold are needed.



News 07/2020

Hamburg, 8 July 2020

Webseminar (German) „Trigeneration mit der SunOyster - Strom, Wärme und Kälte von der Sonne"

News 05/2020

Hamburg, 18 May 2020

The SunOyster will be sent to the Cape Verde Islands to produce there the energy for ice production.

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