The SunOyster achieves high efficiency from a small area.

The SunOyster is a new concentrating solar technology which converts the energy of the sun into both electricity and heat (solar co-generation), reaching a total efficiency of up to 75 %.


The SunOyster generates at least twice as much energy from a given surface area as modern photovoltaic (PV) modules.



News 04/2019

Funded by the Federal Government and Land Schleswig-Holstein: "SunOyster 8"

Kiel, 4. april 2019

SunOyster System received substantial grant for the development of SunOyster 8.

"Potential Milestone for the Energy Revolution"...

News 12/2018

SunOyster Systems receives "Future Star Award"

Beijing, 3. dec. 2018

SunOyster was honored for its air cleaning potential by the International Bluetech Clean Air Alliance


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