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LOOKS COOL - SO 8 "Model alu"

The new star of the SunOyster family: High energy efficiency thanks to co-generation of electricity and heat.

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Compared to the existing SunOyster 16, the newly developed smaller SunOyster 8 should also be suitable for family houses and has a few advantages:

The SunOyster 8 offers the same benefits as its larger sister SO 16: Very high energy efficiency thanks to co-generation of electricity and heat. Therefore: Low cost of energy and best surface efficiency!

Power output from serial production shall be 5.5 kW thermal power for the SO 8 heat – and 2 kW electric power and 3.5 kW of heat for the SO 8 hybrid. The pvplus version features 3 additional photovoltaic modules and provides an additional
up to 1.2 kW of electricity.

SO 8 offers further advantages:

Compact. The rail base has a diameter of 2.25 m so that it can be installed e.g. on a single garage.

Light. The weight is below 400 kg. Easy. All individual parts can be transported in a van, fit in a standard elevator or can be carried through the stairway. The installation can be done by just one person in one day.

Flexible. The SO 8 can be installed not only on flat roofs, but also on slanted roofs up to 30°. It searches for the sun automatically and commissions itself.

Robust. The unique flat Oystering position combined with a central torque tube resists high wind speeds and also decent snow loads. The coated aluminum profiles are highly corrosion resistant for a life time of at least 20 years.

Digital. Performance tracking by a mobile phone app.

Stylish. Sophisticated design with rounded mirror edges and smooth bodywork shapes the basic Model White which consist of powder coated metal parts. Model Alu will be very popular in California and Model Gold will rock Dubai. Many more designs are possible, allowing the customers to individualize their SunOyster.


We offer smart packages for heating and cooling to cover the complete energy demand of buildings.



SunOyster 8 Flyer
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SunOyster 8 data sheet
The SunOyster 8 tracks the sun bi-axially to generate more heat and electricity.
Data sheet_SO8_2020.pdf
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