SunOyster Systems places first solar tracker PVmover® in South Africa

North German company installs a PVmover® to supply power to the "White Lion Lodge" in the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve.

Kiel/ Montagu, 17. October 2023: Lions, giraffes, rhinos, elephants ... in one of the largest private wildlife preserves in South Africa there is now a new species: One of the SunOyster Systems distributors, an electrical company located in the North of Germany has commissioned the dual-axis tracking solar tracker, the PVmover® from SunOyster Systems (SOS) for the sustainably managed Eco Lodge "White Lion".

As a distributor of SOS, Ottow-Elektro has been installing the efficient PV trackers in northern Germany for about a year - with growing enthusiasm. The energetic master electrician Thomas Ottow reports: "For more than 25 years I have gained experience with classic roof systems and now I am very happy to install the PVmover on the ground". For my customers who cannot or do not want to have PV modules on the roof for a wide variety of reasons, the mostly building permit-free system in the garden or on a garage roof is a perfect solution. "
The PVmovers® follow the sun from east to west and also adjust their angle of inclination to the sun. As a result, they generate significantly more energy than permanently installed solar systems. Due to the tracking, the PVmovers® generate approx. 30% more electricity in Germany compared to optimally south-facing, permanently installed PV modules, and approx. 50% more electricity compared to east-west-facing modules. Therefore, a PVmover® with its power of 3.8 KW genererates approx. 5,000 - 6,000 KWh over the year.

The PVmovers® are installed within one day. Stability is provided by 1.60 m long ground anchors screwed into the ground, and in strong winds the trackers automatically move into a horizontal protective position.

Through private contacts, Ottow heard about frequent power outages at White Lion Lodge and acted directly. In just a few weeks, he organized shipping and the necessary electrical preparations. SunOyster Managing Director Dr. Carsten Corino: "The nine modules were already producing 3.64 kW, and the system will probably generate around 10,000 kWh a year - more than the lodge consumes."

SunOyster Systems GmbH is the developer and manufacturer of the PVmover®, based in Halstenbek near Hamburg. The company has a portfolio of solar plants, all of which track the sun on two axes. The two SunOysters - SO16 with around 16 m² and SO8 with just under 8 m² of parabolic mirror surface - always generate heat and can also generate electricity. The PVmover® tracker carries nine PV modules and generates electricity only. With these scalable systems, SOS can cover any energy demand with solar power, from 100% heat to 100% electricity. The systems are characterized by high area efficiency, good cost-effectiveness and an attractive design.