Three tracked photovoltaic systems at Siemens Energy

SunOyster Systems places PVmover® solar tracker on the Siemens Energy innovation campus

15,000 kWh of solar power for turbine production.

Görlitz/Halstenbek, December 12, 2023: Steam turbines have been manufactured at the Siemens Energy Campus in Görlitz, Saxony, since 1906. Building on this tradition, the Görlitz site is continuing its history with a strong focus on innovation and is developing into a cooperation platform for decarbonization, digitalization and new manufacturing technologies with the Görlitz Innovation Campus.
"Everyone is talking about sustainability measures. Siemens Energy is taking action and, with three SunOyster solar trackers, has found an innovative solution for solar power as a contribution to the decarbonization of our turbine production," explains Henning Wiegandt, Innovation Manager Decarbonization at Siemens Energy.

These PVmovers® follow the sun from east to west and also adapt to the angle of inclination of the sun. As a result, they generate significantly more energy than permanently installed solar systems. Dr. Carsten Corino, founder and Managing Director of SOS: "Thanks to the tracking, the PVmover® modules generate around 30 % more energy than fixed PV modules that are optimally aligned to the south and compared to
50% more electricity compared to east-west aligned modules. This means that a PVmover® with an output of approx. 4 KW in Germany supplies approx. 5,200 - 6,200 KWh per year."

The PVmovers® are each installed within one day. Stability is ensured by 1.60 m long ground anchors screwed into the ground, and in strong winds the trackers can be moved to the ground.