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The SunOyster tracks the sun automatically all day from East to West. It also enables permanent online monitoring, so that energy production and savings can be monitored via SunOyster app.

In case of strong wind, the SunOyster automatically closes into the safe “oystering" position.
Therefore, it can also be installed in the best place for solar energy: On the roofs. When installed on the ground in an unshaded environment, it can be easily mounted on steel anchors or concrete steps.


Data sheet SunOyster solar technology
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Additional Measurement Devices and Control Systems


SunOyster Systems can supply different measurement devices e.g. for the measurement of the direct normal irradiation (DNI) – e.g. from Delta T (picture) – including data loggers and system integration.


Moreover, we can supply control systems to operate your solar cycle with storages, pumps and auxiliary equipment.

Heat Applications


With cost-efficient thermal energy of up to 170°C, the SunOyster opens the door to large range of heat applications.

Manifold heat applications
The SunOyster can reach higher temperatures than conventional solar collectors
Heat applications SunOyster.jpg
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Worldwide Transportation, Installation and Monitoring Services


The SunOyster started in February 2018 the installation all around the world, from Chile to China, in order to collect a rich operational experience. Within the remote monitoring of these SunOysters, the sun will never set.

SunOyster Systems is transporting and installing the pre-series machines worldwide.

However, we reserve the right to focus on the most attractive markets at any time.


Projects of the pre-series SunOysters Buyers e.g. Engie, N-ERGIE, Thermax

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