SunOyster 16

The SunOyster combines the best of existing solar systems: Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV) and the low-cost CSP mirrors that track the sun biaxially.
In case of strong wind, the SunOyster automatically closes its mirrors into a secure flat position – just as an oyster closes its shell. Therefore, it can also be installed in the best place for solar energy: On the roofs. When installed on the ground in an unshaded environment, it can be easily mounted on steel anchors or concrete steps.


The heart of the SunOyster is a hybrid receiver which is protected by a borosilicate glass tube. Inside the tube, special glass lenses concentrate the light a second time to reach 500 times the power of the sun. Highly efficient (44%) solar cells developed for spacecraft convert this directly into electricity. The liquid can reach temperatures of up to 110°C. In the version of the purely thermal receiver, higher temperatures of up to 170°C can be reached, e.g. for process heat.


In sunny regions the SunOyster shall produce the cheapest solar energy wherever heat or cold are needed.

Data sheet of SO16
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Datenblatt SO16
Datenblatt SunOyster 16_210804.pdf
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Additional Measurement Devices and Control Systems


SunOyster Systems can supply different measurement devices e.g. for the measurement of the direct normal irradiation (DNI) – e.g. from Delta T (picture) – including data loggers and system integration.


Moreover, we can supply control systems to operate your solar cycle with storages, pumps and auxiliary equipment.

Heat Applications


With cost-efficient thermal energy of up to 170°C, the SunOyster opens the door to large range of heat applications.

Manifold heat applications
The SunOyster can reach higher temperatures than conventional solar collectors
Heat applications SunOyster.jpg
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Worldwide Transportation, Installation and Monitoring Services


The SunOyster started in February 2018 the installation all around the world, from Chile to China, in order to collect a rich operational experience. Within the remote monitoring of these SunOysters, the sun will never set.

SunOyster Systems is transporting and installing the pre-series machines worldwide.

However, we reserve the right to focus on the most attractive markets at any time.


Projects of the pre-series SunOysters Buyers e.g. Engie, N-ERGIE, Thermax

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