SunOyster thermal cooling

SunOyster cooling (SOcool) is proposed because sunny countries are often very warm, and buildings there need cooling more than they need heating.

Thermal chillers are machines that use heat to generate cold, and are readily available on the market. There is nothing more logical than using these machines to convert the heat produced by the SunOyster into cooling. This cooling can be directly used for the air-conditioning of buildings, or used for cool stores or other industrial purposes.

SunOyster Systems secured a renowned EU grant under the SME instrument of the HORIZON 2020 programme. The project includes the following work packages:


Setting up pilot production, in particular for our unique receiver, but also for mechanical and electrical pre-assembly. We do this on the GreenTEC campus in Enge-Sande, Northern Frisia, just south of the Danish border with Germany.


Testing and certification: We install pre-production units of the SunOyster around the world - in particular in Chile, Egypt and India. We will monitor the performance and availability of the machines in order to perfect them for the upcoming serial production. In parallel, the SunOyster will be certified according to all applicable standards which will involve detailed indoor and outdoor testing.


Demo projects: We will realize demo projects in the field of solar cooling; a hotel, an office building, and a villa with pool. These projects will be closely monitored.


Supply chain: Building up an efficient international supply chain will help us to reach our cost targets – and the customers to get the cheapest kWh of electricity and heat.


Public relations and business development: In addition to a more intense PR work program we want to identify good co-operation partners worldwide.


The target of the project is to not only supply the customers with the SunOyster solar generator, but to provide the most efficient total solution for the complete energy demand of the building: for power, for heating and in particular for cooling.


These demo projects are:

  • SOcool Hotel: covering the large heating and cooling demands of hotels,
  • SOcool Offices: where the cooling demand corresponds well with the sun shine hours
  • SOcool Pool: for villas with a pool, where the pool is used as the heat sink for the SunOyster in spring and autumn, when the building needs less heating or cooling.

The packages will include not only the SunOyster and thermal chillers, but also storage tanks for heat and/or cold, and all other equipment (pipes with insulation, pumps, heat exchangers, control system, back-up boiler or CHP plant etc.). The thermal chillers can be supplied by manufacturers such as Broad, Thermax, Yazaki, Fahrenheit or Purix.The packages are easily adaptable and scalable to avoid lengthy project engineering.


A fascinating aspect of the SOcool Hotel and the SOcool Pool projects in particular is the co-generation of power, heat and cold, also called „tri-generation“: As the low grade waste heat from the chiller can still be used for pre-heating domestic warm water or for heating the pool, we are getting out of 100% solar energy 150% useful energy!

This sounds like magic, but in fact the thermal chillers are really a form of heat pump. They extract heat (thereby creating the cooling) and then need to reject that heat – just as the back of a refrigerator gets warm. This low grade heat has not been created, merely moved – and can be usefully used for warming something else. No laws of physics have been broken! This is not only environmentally, but also economically a superior solution.


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