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Components, Applications and Services

The SunOyster is light and simple constructed and could be installed within 2 days.
Incl. all technical and organizational connections regarding your energy system and the testing.



The 4 m length long "heart“ of the SunOyster. SunOyster Systems has receiver patents in US, Europe, India and China pending. The receiver converts the concentrated radiation from the mirror into both electricity and heat (solar co-generation, CPVT): Well protected within a hermetically closed glass tube, glass lenses concentrate the radiation a second time in order to reach a total concentration of 1250x. This radiation hits the III-V concentrator cells with 44% electric efficiency which generate the power. The co-generated heat is conducted through the aluminum pipe to the heat transfer fluid (water, water with glycol or potentially thermal oil) circulating in the tube. This fluid cools the cells and transports the heat to the user or the storage. Altogether, the receiver is reaching up to 30% electric efficiency and 45% thermal efficiency in relation to the direct radiation – one of the highest solar efficiencies worldwide!

Tracking of the Azimut


To follow the sun all day from East to West, the SunOyster is based on a slew ring made out of the light railway profile S 7. This can be fixed on ground anchors or placed on a roof.

Tracking of the Elevation


In order to concentrate the solar radiation on the receiver, the SunOyster needs a precise vertical tracking. This is ensured by powerful slew drives. They are connected to the sturdy torque tubes of the SunOyster which are forming the basis of the mirrors.


Moreover, the slew drives bring the SunOyster mirrors in a secure position (“Oystering”) to protect the mirrors from stormy winds and the reflectors and the receiver from hail or dirt.



The SunOyster uses standard thick glass mirrors from solar thermal power plants (CSP) which are readily available worldwide.


However, SunOyster Systems also has an own concept for a support structure consisting of extruded polymers which would be very light, stiff and in particular cheap.

Sensors and control system


The innovative control system of the SunOyster is an own development and based on the Raspberry Pi micro-controller.


A PV sensor tells the SunOyster when it is sunny enough to open. An anemometer warns of wind speeds exceeding 50 km/h to close the mirrors.


The control system is the "brain" of the SunOyster:

It tells the drives the position of the sun, opens and closes the mirrors and ensures at all times a safe operation of the SunOyster. It is equipped with a safety battery so that the mirrors can also be closed if there should be a black-out of the electricity grid.



The SunOyster uses standard products to invert the generated direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) electricity. It can be installed directly on the SunOyster or, if available, indoors in the technical room.


The inverters can be single phase or three-phase.


One example is the ABB Power-One PVI 4.2-TL-OUTD-S.

Additional Measurement Devices and Control Systems


SunOyster Systems can supply different measurement devices e.g. for the measurement of the direct normal irradiation (DNI) – e.g. from Delta T (picture) – including data loggers and system integration.


Moreover, we can supply control systems to operate your solar cycle with storages, pumps and auxiliary equipment.

Heat Applications


With cost-efficient thermal energy of up to 170°C, the SunOyster opens the door to large range of heat applications.

If you are interested in any of these, please contact us.

Manifold heat applications
The SunOyster can reach higher temperatures than conventional solar collectors
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Worldwide Transportation, Installation and Monitoring Services


The SunOyster started in February 2018 the installation all around the world, from Chile to China, in order to collect a rich operational experience. Within the remote monitoring of these SunOysters, the sun will never set.

SunOyster Systems is transporting and installing the pre-series machines worldwide.

However, we reserve the right to focus on the most attractive markets at any time.


Projects of the pre-series SunOysters Buyers e.g. Engie, N-ERGIE, Thermax

More Information


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