Solar technology SunOyster will be sent to the Cape Verde

Hamburg, 18 May 2020 Placed on containers in which food such as fish can be directly processed and prepared for refrigerated transport. The company "Hummel Systemlösungen" in Hamburg has chosen the SunOyster Technology for its project „Solar Freeze“, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry, because the SunOyster can generate electricity and heat simultaneously from sunlight with very high efficiency. The heat can be converted into cold by thermal chiller. In case of strong winds, the parabolic mirrors of the system close into a safety position just like an oyster.

Solartechnik SunOyster
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Neu im Tiergarten Nürnberg: Solartechnologie SunOyster

Strom und Wärme für das Tropenhaus.

Nürnberg, 6 December 2019: Tiergartendirektor Dr. Dag Encke begrüßte den innovativen Neuzugang: „Die SunOyster ist die erste Anlage dieser Art in Süddeutschland und passt hervorragend in unsere Strategie CO2-neutraler Tiergarten 2030“.


„Die innovative SunOyster 16 pvplus wurde aus Geldern des Ökostrom-
Produkts der N-ERGIE, STROM PURNATUR, finanziert, deren Kunden
mit einem Cent pro Kilowattstunde in wegweisende Projekte investieren.
Die N-ERGIE engagiert sich für Klimaschutz und die Region und macht
sich für eine regionale Energiewende stark“, erklärt Stefan Mull, Referent
Beteiligungsmanagement bei der N-ERGIE.

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”Potential Milestone for the Energy Revolution”

SunOyster System received substantial grant for the development of SunOyster 8:


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SunOyster receives “Future Star Award”


German manufacturer of the concentrating solar technology SunOyster honored for its air cleaning potential


Beijing, 3 December 2018:

Outside of the conference venue in China’s capital, the concentration of fine dust (PM 2.5) on the grey winter days equals with 272 μg/m³ almost seven times the European benchmark level for health risks. Inside, the 4th Bluetech International Clean Air Conference gathers 300 researchers, government officials and entrepreneurs who are hotly debating possibilities to improve the air quality. The conference organizer Bluetech Clean Air Alliance is an NGO which screened companies from all over the world. Based on this, the jury today awarded SunOyster Systems GmbH (SOS) with the “Future Star Award”. The award hopes to boost the development of clean air technologies that have a great potential but are on the early stages of commercialization.
The SunOyster is a concentrating solar technology which generates at the same time electricity and heat (solar co-generation). The jury likes in particular SunOyster’s capability of solar heating in winter and solar thermal cooling in summer. Thereby, the SunOyster can significantly reduce the burning of fuels, in particular coal, and consequently minimize the related emission of fine dust in Northern and Western China. The Bluetech Alliance also wants to promote a larger SunOyster project in Shaanxi province in the West of Beijing where a complete county shall switch from dirty coal heatings to solar heatings.
Founder Carsten Corino declares: “We are proud that Bluetech acknowledges the potential of our innovative solar technology. We will intensify our co-operations in China. We have already installed a demo machine in the future skiing city for the Beijing Olympic winter games 2022, Zhangjiakou, and want to install another 10 to 15 machines in the next half year. In this effort, we want to co-operate with our strategic investor Dirkshof Group and one of the leading German China experts Dr. Peter Merker of the platform On Energy. Let’s work hard to make the sky over Beijing blue again!”
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