The MEYLE industrial company has a flat roof with a maximum of 15 kg load reserves per square meter. Normal ballasted PV was ruled out and Meyle searched in vain for a long time for a solution to generate solar power for its own consumption. SunOyster Systems has now installed ultralight modules with only 3.6 kg/m² at Meyle. The modules are glued to the roof. To ensure good water drainage under the modules, an additional wave-shaped intermediate structure made of plastic (with a further 4.5 kg/m²) was bonded. This ensures water drainage and, in particular, rear ventilation of the modules and thus an approximately 4% higher electricity yield. The bonding of the 1,500 substructures and the 300 modules as well as the installation of the cable ladders on the facade were completed within one week. The ultra-light modules are admittedly more expensive than classic PV modules. With the current high electricity prices, even for large electricity consumers, they nevertheless pay off very well with a high self-consumption share.
With ultralight modules, SunOyster Systems can now always offer the best solution for commercial solar power generation: Our own solar tracker PVmovers on the ground, on the roof or on poles above parking lots. And in addition to normal PV, now also ultralight PV for roofs with low load reserves.