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SunOyster Systems GmbH (SOS) was – based on elder preparatory developments going back to 2007 – founded in 2011 to develop the SunOyster Technology to serial maturity. In mid-2012, the company was capitalized and started operations. In early 2013, the professional team of half a dozen of employees and a similar number of external consultants was complete. SOS wants to reach serial maturity of the technology soon and become a leading machine builder in the field of solar energy.




Main company seat, office and workshop are presently in a former agricultural estate in Halstenbek near Hamburg. That is also where the prototypes of the SunOyster and the first zero series machine „Enzo“ and the first pre-series machine „Lucy“ are installed.

Looking at the solar markets, SOS wants to start the distribution of the SunOyster in industrial process heat applications an in heating and cooling of larger buildings (e.g. hotels, offices, appartment houses). Geographically, SOS wants to put a focus on India and China, but also other sun-rich and energy-hungry markets.



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SunOyster Systems GmbH

Poststraße 46
25469 Halstenbek



Phone +49 4101 80 87 67

GM Dr. Carsten Corino

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