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SunOyster Systems GmbH (SOS) was founded in 2011 to develop the SunOyster Technology to serial maturity. In mid-2012, the company was capitalized and started operations. In early 2013, the professional team of half a dozen of employees and a similar number of external consultants was complete. SOS wants become a leading machine builder in the field of solar energy.


The founder

”Wherever there is in sunny locations a demand for heat and/or cold, the SunOyster will be the smartest way to harvest solar energy.”


Dr. Carsten Corino studied the law and wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the topic of ecobalances/ life cycle assessment. He is certified planner of renewable energy projects and certified solar expert. In his work for one of the leading German law firms he typically represented the polluters - and felt a bit like a mercenary. That is why he joined the wind turbine manufacturer REpower Systems (soon to be renamed “Senvion”), became head of the business development and contributed for five years to the successful growth of the company. He later joined Airtricity (renamed into “SSE Renewables”) to develop as general manager of the German operations offshore wind farms. Following two take-overs of his employers, he started his own consultancy business in the field of clean technologies, Corino Energy and Real Estates Projects UG. Corino Energy is the parent company of SunOyster Systems.



Main company seat, office and workshop are presently in a former agricultural estate in Halstenbek near Hamburg. The SunOyster 16 heat pvplus provides the energy for the building.

Looking at the solar markets, SOS wants to start the distribution of the SunOyster in industrial process heat applications an in heating and cooling of larger buildings (e.g. hotels, offices, appartment houses). Geographically, SOS wants to put a focus on India and China, but also other sun-rich and energy-hungry markets.



The Team

The consultant board


Burckhardt Bonello

ran already during his studies as computer engineer his own business. Many of the companies which he founded, managed or coached since then became highly successful. Examples are MyBet, Novedia, sMeet, FriendSurance und Returbo. His company Foundfair operates in Berlin an incubator with a focus on the vital internet sector of the German capital.


“Based on the projected sales price of the SunOyster, I see large growth potential of SOS.”



Marten Jensen’s

background is electrical engineering. As young man he was one of the pioneers to install some of the first wind turbines in India. Back in Germany, he founded the engineering office and wind farm developer GEO which is now with approx. 50 employees a leading player in the branch. He is general manager in numerous wind farms which he developed, many of them community-owned. He is moreover owner and general manager of EasyWind GmbH, manufacturer of a leading 6 kW small wind turbine, and developing the 3 MW large wind turbine technology SkyWind. His most recent project is the built-up of the GreenTEC campus in Enge-Sande, Northern Germany, which includes the full-scale offshore-training facility OFFtec.


“We have bought the second zero series machine of the SunOyster for the GreenTEC Campus and will be operating it in combination with our EasyWind turbines.”



SunOyster Systems GmbH

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Tel +49 4101 854 81 81

GF Dr. Carsten Corino

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